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How much money have you spent on slots?

This is a very hard and personal question to ask yourself, but how much money in the past year do you think you have spent on slots, poker, table games, in general at online casinos? I myself have spent too much, but I have also won some too.

But, have the wins surpassed the losses? This is something we all need to think about now a days with the economy being so bad, and money getting tighter and tighter in our wallets and bank accounts. Do you feel lucky enough to spend some hard earned cash at an online casino playing slots in hopes that you may win that extra bill money or do you feel that money saved in a bank collecting interest is a better and safer bet?

I for one, refuse to gamble on bill money that is just too hazardous for me, I have learned from past mistakes and will not go that route ever again. But many are desperate for extra cash and they just aren’t getting it from their jobs or investments, so gambling is one of there options, whether a good decision or not remains to be seen. I have read where some people have been down on their luck, and drop a quarter in a slot machine and Bingo, instant jackpot winner and all their problems have been solved! It’s a great story to read, and to see that yes, luck does happen and it can happen at your favorite online casinos. I wish this luck on all who are in this situation and come out a winner, and show everyone that things are not as bad as you may think they are!

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